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My enthusiasm for Music

When I think back, music always brought joy to me. Singing as much as music-making. After learning to play the violine a little bit (Suzuki), I switched to playing cello at the age of 8.I've already been playing for some years now and I enjoyed playing in several orchestras.

2004-2009Freiburger Domsingknaben Chor
2007-2010Kinderorchester Bad Krozingen
2009-2014Kinderorchester am Theater Freiburg
2011-2014Orchester am Kolleg St. Sebastian
2011-2014Kinderkantorei Emmendingen
2014-2015Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra
2014-2015Chilliwack Youth Orchestra
2014-2015Sardis Secondary Project Orchestra
2014-2015Sardis Secondary School Orchestra
2012-2017Sinfonieorchester Emmendingen
2017BadenBaden JA!
since 2012Projektorchester Geislingen
2018BadenBaden JA!

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