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Film / Camera

Ein neugieriger Affe beim Dreh in Salem

Dominik has been passionately devoted to filming since the age of 11. He spend the school year 2014/2015 at a high school in Canada. There his love for the media world has been further strengthened by the subjects "Media Broadcast" and "Film and TV" and by internships at CBC and bewoTV. He has already been working as a freelancer for film for four years. His short film "Gut Erzogen" was shown on television (ZDF) in 2017, the films Fremd und Junkie have already been shown in cinemas.

Dominik Ziegenhagel on
Dominik Ziegenhagel on

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Camera Reel 2018

Trailer "Canada"

Short "Sinn"

Short "2 Lunten"

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